Dashboard for the LTO blockchain Node. Data is updated every other minute.

Benefits of leasing LTO

Simple: can be set up in minutes

Safe: LTO never leaves your wallet

Sharing: 97% of the rewards go to our leasers

Scheduled: payouts are done every Monday

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How does it work?

1. Aqcuire LTO

Open an account at one of following exchanges that is trading LTO Network: Binance, BitMax, Bilaxy, LiteBit.eu, Hotbit, or Binance DEX.

2. Create an LTO Wallet

Create an LTO mainnet wallet via wallet.lto.network

Make sure to save your seed phrase!

3. Send LTO to your wallet

Send the LTO you bought via the exchanges to your mainnet wallet.

Make sure these are mainnet wallet tokens.

4. Select leasing

After that choose 'Start lease'.

Here you will need to fill in a Node Address (Recipient) and an amount of LTO Coins that you want to lease to that node.

5. Fill in our Node Address

Fill in the amount of LTO you want to lease and the Node Address, which is:


6. Start leasing

You can start leasing to the LTO Blockchain Node anytime, it isn't even necessary to contact us or inform us about your lease. The node will automatically recognize your lease once it is activated.